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THE HOMEWRECKERS / I STATEMENTS 12" LP (Mooster Records/Nervous Nelly Records, 2015)

$10.00 / On Sale

OUR NEW ALBUM!! With songs weve written over the last few years, featuring Cristy Road and J from the original lineup, and featuring Mike Funk on Drums. This is our ultimate collection to herald our new life/future.

Here is a rad description from Nervous Nelly Records: "At long-last, The Homewreckers’s debut LP has arrived. Literally years in the making, this half-hour tour de force distills everything that we all loved about 90s Lookout Records’ snotty, brash pop punk, but with a critical and analytical bent that recontextualizes this familiar lexicon.

Homewreckers are anchored by renowned visual artist Cristy Road, and her impeccable musical sense speaks in a voice as immediately identifiable as her artwork and writing. All copies on green vinyl with a poster-sized insert."

Comes with a free Download <3