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THE HOMEWRECKERS / CITY MOUSE Split 7" (Mooster Records, 2012)

$5.00 / On Sale

A Split 7" of Latina-Fronted madness. Our second 7" with songs about depression and the inexplicable search for support. On the CITY MOUSE side you will find songs of a similar nature; performed through a wonderfully soulful brand of So Cal pop-punk, with a twang of "fuck you". On the Homewreckers side, Cristy sings, J plays Bass, Crystal plays Drums, and Frank plays guitar, recorded in 2010. We eventually had a tragic facelift and re-recorded vocals on a sad, sad day in Winter 2011. From the ashes of a shit year comes MANIC RECESSION; the ultimate answer to manic depression. Comes with a free download code <3